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The fees include:

  • Rent for the study-bedroom
  • All utility bills 
  • Internet access
  • Cleaning of communal areas

Rooms vary in price depending on what type of room you have and the length of the residency agreement you wish to sign up for. Don't forget to bring a valid method of payment with you on the accommodation arrival day as you will need to pay your first accommodation instalment when you arrive. 

David Moxon residence

Cadets will be allocated rooms on the top floor, where there are 16 single rooms sharing two kitchen/communal spaces. 

En-suite rooms
£134.40 per week

Emily Davies residence

Cadets will be allocated rooms in one of the four blocks in Emily Davies student residence, with any additional demand allocated within adjacent blocks. 

Small rooms 
£88.20 per week

Medium rooms 
£99.40 per week

Large rooms 
£110.60 per week

Twin rooms (dual occupancy) 
£70.00 per week 

For both residences, accommodation charges for cadets will be at the weekly 'standard fee' indicated with the residency contract based on the duration of the respective academic phase. 

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