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About Horizon

horizon-logo-smallProject Horizon is an 11-partner, 30-month FP7 project, which started on 1 June 2009. It is researching into the effects of fatigue on the cognitive performance of maritime watch-keepers under different watch patterns, using ships' bridge, engine and liquid cargo handling simulators.

Interested parties group

The project offers the opportunity for third party organisations to be kept informed by email of Horizon’s progress, activities and events, by joining its interested parties group. For more information, contact the project co-ordinator. 

Project results and final report

The project was completed in 2011; the final report, containing the results, together with the conclusions and recommendations that are derived from them, can be viewed here.

Project funding

The funding for Project Horizon is provided under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme notably the Work Programme addressing Sustainable Surface Transport. That funding is in addition to the contributions made by each of the partners. 

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