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Horizon project video (including the results)

Horizon Project Video - Long Version, 2012. Directed by Andy Wilkin. UK: Solent University.

View it on YouTube.

Final results

Project HORIZON - Final Report Findings

Fatigue Management Toolkit

Information on, and to download, MARTHA

Press releases and articles

Press releases

Press Release no.1, issued after the kick-off meeting.

Press Release no.2, issued after the start of simulation runs, May 2010.

Press release Feb 2011, following third steering group meeting.

Press Release Dec 2011, following the project presentation to the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee.

Final Press Release, on completion of the project and publication of all results.    


Research will take fatigue to a new level, published in Nautilus Telegraph, July 2009.

EU fatigue study marks a milestone on simulators, published in Nautilus Telegraph, May 2010.

Simulations test fatigue's impact (Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4), published in Nautilus Telegraph, June 2010.

Watching the Clock, published Nautilus Telegraph, November 2010 - presenting the simulation work in the project

Minding your business, published in Nautilus Telegraph, May 2011 - the role of the occupational psychologist

Project Horizon - watch-keeping fatigue, published in Bahamas Flag Newsletter Issue 27 (page 2), summer 2011

MEPs given first findings from pioneering fatigue research, published in the Ship's Telegraph, January 2012

Falling Asleep is the Stuff of Nightmares, M Grey (2012), Lloyds List.

Nodding Off? Read This!, published in Safety at Sea, 1 February 2012.

EMSA Newsletter No. 82, published January 2012.

Why a rest is best, R Clayton, published in Fairplay, 9 February 2012.

Watchkeeper: Science backs anecdote on fatigue, published in BIMCO, 8 February 2012.

Up to 45% of watchkeepers sleep while on duty, published in Lloyds List, 1 February 2012.

Asleep at the wheel, published in Lloyds List, February 2012

6 Hours on, 6 Hours off Watch is Most Tiring, Adam Corbett, published in Tradewinds, February 2012.

New research on sleepiness, published in Safety at Sea, 2 February 2012

Seafarer fatigue..., published in Tanker Operator, 3 February 2012

ITF Inspector's Blog, published 9 February 2012

Inside the Issues, ITF Seafarer's article, published February 2012

Revealed: the risks of fatigue, front page of Nautilus Telegraph, published March 2012

Waking up to fatigue risks, results summary, p23 Nautilus Telegraph, published March 2012

Asleep on the job, project feature, p24-25 Nautilus Telegraph, published March 2012

Reports and presentations

Presentation given by Professor Mike Barnett on the project and its simulation activity to VIPs visiting the project during 2010-2011.

Report: Horizon Results revealed at Human Element Advisory Group Day.

Brochures and leaflets

Project Leaflet, updated June 2010

Project Horizon - a wake-up call  Research report 2012


These will be forwarded to the interested parties group of recipients, outside the project partners, who have expressed a desire to receive periodic information on Horizon's progress. Generally, these will follow the timing and content of the press releases or other specific dissemination activity. Anyone wishing to be included in this circulation list should contact Graham Clarke, Project Co-Ordinator. 

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