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Maritime education

Research that underpins the Academy's core business of maritime education and training to reduce accidents and improve safety.

Core research interests include human error and accident causation, the cultural aspects of maritime safety and human fallibility; decision-making in crisis; and the evaluation of human and organisational performance in a maritime context. UK funded projects have included:

  • The use of simulators in training and assessment (MCA: 1994)
  • The situational awareness skills required during escalating emergencies and crisis (MCA: 2000)
  • The mitigation of human error in automated systems (MCA: 2005)

In addition, pedagogical research has been pursued through various EC funded projects. For example, the Academy has contributed to the development of CBT, virtual reality and distance learning systems for seafarers. (EC: 1997-2001).

The development of a leading-edge consultancy to the London insurance market in the risk assessment of shipping companies has led to an ongoing interest in organisational behaviour (1997 – 2002). 

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