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Warsash Library is a branch of the Solent University library serving staff and students at Warsash Maritime Academy. The Library contains a modern spacious study environment and a collection of printed and visual materials to support the merchant navy professional. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of online services available via the library portal. Library staff are available to answer questions, give guidance in making best use of the library and help students develop as independent learners.

Students at Warsash also have access to the Mountbatten Library on the University’s East Park Terrace campus. Membership to both libraries is automatic for registered students of the University. Campus cards, or library cards for students on short courses, will act as the ticket to make full use of either library.

IT resources

The Warsash IT resource centre is located on the first floor of the library building and provides:

  • An IT classroom containing 20 PCs available for student private study when not timetabled for teaching.
  • 10 PCs in an open access area on floor two of the Mountbatten Library.
  • Black and white and colour printing in A4 and A3 available on a pay-per-print basis.
  • Six iMacs in the Library corridor for internet browsing and email access.
  • Two iMacs in the student lounge in the Drummond Building for internet and email access.
  • Laptops available for loan and use within the library.

New entry maths study guide

You have chosen a worthwhile and rewarding career that involves a sound knowledge of mathematical principles which you will be taught to apply to modern ship operations. Whether you are training to become a deck or an engineering officer, one of the first courses you will take is a study of mathematics and, shortly after your arrival, you will be asked to take a test to assess your current level so that we are aware of the support you may need during this course.

As many students have different abilities and have studied mathematics to different levels, we have prepared this resource so that you can revise some of the topics you studied at GCSE or on equivalent professional courses. It should refresh and consolidate your basic knowledge so that you arrive at the University ready to commence your professional and academic courses. If you have a sound understanding of this work, you will be able to progress quickly to the applied section of your course with ample time to study new topics thoroughly. We have included exercises and answers so that you can test yourself as you work through this material.

To consolidate the mathematical knowledge that you need to be familiar with, the material contained within these files is presented in two folders, in zip format for you to download: one for future Deck cadets and one for future Engineering cadets. Select the folder that is of interest to you, and this will lead you to two further folders, one for HND entry and one for Foundation degree entry. Select the course that you are enrolling on and now you will find a number of pdf files. Click on these, and you are now ready to start studying.

Deck (zip file)
Engine (zip file)

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