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Changing Text Size of web pages you are viewing

  1. Open the View menu with the mouse (or press Alt + V).
  2. Select Zoom and then use the Zoom in (Ctr + +) and Zoom out (Ctrl + -) controls to alter the text size.

You can select the 'Zoom text size only' option to change just the size of the text whilst not altering other elements on the page.

Setting a minimum text size for all web pages

  1. Open the Tools menu  with the mouse (or press Alt + T).
  2. Select Options (or press O) and ensure the Content tab is highlighted (you can use the arrow keys to do this).
  3. In the 'Font & Colours' section you can select 'Advanced'  (or press Alt + D).
  4. Click on 'Minimum font size' (Alt + O) and use the arrow keys to select a minimum font size.
  5. To apply this to all further web page uncheck the check box 'Allow pages to choose their own fonts'.

Select ok to apply the changes and close the open dialog windows