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offshore-renewables-deckRoles applicable for marine renewable transfer vessel crews are listed below. The specific career pathway will depend upon previous relevant experience (if any) and area of intended operation and vessel tonnage. However, it should be noted that all of the occupational positions (irrespective of area or tonnage limitations) require successful completion of Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved study routes and examinations together with relevant sea experience.

  • Master (skipper) – Legally responsible for the safety of all persons on board, environment, vessel and cargo. The Master may or may not be a watchkeeper whilst the vessel is at sea/in port dependent upon the manning scale. The Master usually berths/unberths the vessel and takes charge of manoeuvring in confined waters.
  • Chief Mate – Assistant to the Master and in charge of watchkeeping, passenger and cargo operations. The Chief Officer is traditionally responsible for running day-to-day deck operations, organising maintenance and managing crew working hours and resources.
  • Deck Officer (OOW - Officer Of the Watch) – Assistant to the Master and in charge of watchkeeping (navigation whilst at sea, passenger/cargo operations/mooring).

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