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Offshore oil and gas

For Merchant Navy engineer or electro-technical officers, there are many opportunities that exist within the offshore oil and gas industry to make a transition into this sector. These can be with shipping companies that operate offshore support vessels within the industry sector or other companies that support the offshore industry in the area of marine related operations (eg, mobile offshore drilling units).

The maritime engineering skills and STCW/academic qualifications, together with the general marine background of such personnel, often prove to be an attractive asset to such companies when filling positions.

Personnel with maritime engineering backgrounds can progress in rank or position as their experience within the industry develop, possibly with additional industry related qualifications to positions of senior management in engineering/electrical related disciplines offshore.

In the last 10 years opportunities in the offshore industry for mariners have now become very much global and access to foreign areas of offshore activity has opened significantly. Working in these areas as far away as Australia on regular short periods and enjoying good terms and conditions of employment is not uncommon.