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The Engineer Officer/mechanic on board is responsible for the setup, safe running and maintenance of all electrical and mechanical, plant, propulsive, cargo, safety and domestic machinery/equipment.

The engineer is also responsible for working closely with the vessel’s Master to ensure that all stores are requisitioned in a timely manner to ensure continued vessel operational capability.

For many vessels, the engineer/mechanic may also be required to assist on deck with mooring and transfer operations and hence where this role is multi-capability/department additional skills, as detailed in the deck section may be required.   

The route for qualification as transfer vessel mechanic is dependent upon any existing engineering knowledge or experience and the ultimate qualification sought. In general, operators require a minimum of an Approved Engine Course Certificate (AEC), with many desiring (in addition) a Marine Engine Operators Licence (MEOL).

However, it should be noted that all of the occupational positions (irrespective of area, kW or tonnage limitations) require successful completion of Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved study routes and examinations (where applicable) together with relevant sea experience.

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