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Career options

There is a clear career path for hotel operations personnel, which allows students to progress from a junior steward/ess to managerial positions with the right qualifications and training.

Roles vary depending on the size of the vessel, but they commonly require a broad base of skills and experience including:

  • Housekeeping and interior maintenance.
  • Guest service including table setting and silver service.
  • Impeccable eye for detail.
  • Superb customer service skills.
  • Precision management and forward planning.
  • Flexible, practical and highly organised.
  • Discreet and trustworthy.
  • Understanding of protocol and etiquette.
  • Exceptional spoken and written English skills
  • Computer skills (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Please refer to cruise and ferry industries and superyachts sections for more detailed information on the opportunities available in those specific industry sectors.

Our career progression charts are designed to give you a clear guide to the best route and courses required to further your career.

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