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Formal Assessment of Ship Handling

About this course

A half-day formal assessment option, undertaken by delegates following attendance on one of the main ship handling courses at Timsbury Lake.

This formal assessment of practical ship handling ability involves objective evaluation of the following criteria:

  • planning of specific exercise and appreciation of associated conditions
  • berthing - positioning /speed control/use of engine(s)/use of rudder(s)on approach
  • manoeuvring/use of thruster(s) during berthing
  • channel work - speed control /positioning/use of engine(s)/use of rudder(s) on approach to a critical turn wheel over position assessment, control of actual turn manoeuvre, steadying vessel on next leg
  • turning short around - control of vessel prior to and during turn short manoeuvre
  • overall situational awareness – keeping vessel safe at all times/response to a developing situation if this occurs.

Please contact the Admissions and Recruitment Team for availability.

How to book

Please contact the admissions team if you require more information about this course or wish to book offline:

Tel: +44 (0)23 8201 5004

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