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Leadership and Management

The human element and team performance is increasingly recognised as being fundamental to safe and efficient vessel operations. The management and development of essential non-technical skills is known as ‘resource management’ and incorporates:
  • Social skills (ie, leadership and team working, communication, operating effectively in a multi-cultural environment, planning and coordinating skills to optimise work load management and delivery)
  • Cognitive skills (ie, problem analysis and solution delivery, well-judged risk aware decision making, and high-level situational awareness.

This suite of courses aims to hone these skills progressively, recognising that such expertise is universally applicable both at sea and ashore, and is part of the lifelong learning of any seafarer.

The courses address STCW requirements, particularly as the 2010 Manila amendments underline resource management principles intrinsic to professional competence, and are essential in delivering commercial success and minimising risk for employers and owners. We see this as an opportunity to work even more closely with the maritime industry. 

The courses offer the same fundamental principles carefully tailored to the context in which they are applied – whether this is for the bridge team including pilots, the engine room team, the whole ship or shoreside managers – and the experience and seniority of those attending the courses. 

Our Human Element, Leadership and Management (HELM) courses are delivered at Operational and Management levels.  These courses are approved by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA).

Professional Development

Meeting the high standards expected by owners, employers and maritime regulators requires continued professional development. Our courses address the challenges of working in multi-cultural environments, with a focus on leadership and teamwork, communication, optimising work load capability, problem analysis and solution delivery, risk aware decision-making and crisis management.

Our courses hone these skills progressively, recognising and encouraging best practice, and forming part of the lifelong learning required of all competent seafarers.

For further information on our courses, please see our All Courses section.


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Leadership, management and professional development

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