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First aid refresher training

It is a requirement for those commencing any career at sea to attend mandatory basic safety training which includes the one day elementary first aid course.  Both deck and engineer officers are also required to undertake the four day proficiency in medical first aid course.

There is, however, no requirement under STCW 2010 for first aid training to be refreshed. Unless the seafarer has to undertake the more advanced medical care training, where there is a refresher requirement on EU flagged vessels, it is likely that no further first aid training will be undertaken during a career at sea.

Everyone on board needs to be able to carry out competent lifesaving first aid when it is needed, but skills and knowledge fade are rapid. 

Though not mandatory, many individuals choose to repeat first aid training periodically as a way to refresh their skills, and companies also choose to follow this path to ensure first aid can be competently applied on board if needed.

The elementary first aid course is an ideal course for those wishing to keep their first aid skills and knowledge up to date.  It allows the seafarer to remain competent at applying basic life saving techniques and to understand what to do in an emergency situation.

To remain competent at more advanced first aid skills the proficiency in medical first aid course may also be undertaken as a refresher.

Bespoke training can also be provided. Contact our admissions and recruitment team who will forward your enquiry to the medical course manager.