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Information for parents

At Solent University we're keen to ensure that all our student residences provide a home from home.

Where will my son/daughter live?

Cadet accommodation is located in Southampton City Centre, in the David Moxon and the Lucia Foster Welch residences. Both residences will have areas set aside specifically for the sole use of Warsash cadets. 

All University-owned residences benefit from supportive, but not intrusive, management and on-site security.

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What is the distance between the student residences and the campus?

The David Moxon residence is located less than five minutes' walk from the St Mary's campus and the Lucia Foster Welch residence is just 15 minutes' further.

How are student residences paid for?

To make life easier, accommodation fees are split into equal instalments that can be paid each month during the cadet's residency period. Payment is made by credit/debit card.

What is included in the cost of the accommodation?

As well as covering the rental cost of the accommodation, the fees also pay for:

  • utility bills
  • cleaning of communal areas
  • repairs and maintenance

Access to the internet is via wi-fi, provided by StudentCom. Residents are provided with up to 50Mb broadband access free of charge. Other broadband options are available at additional cost if required.

How does my son/daughter apply for accommodation?

Phase 1 induction cadets will receive instructions from the accommodation team on how to apply online. Returning cohorts can apply for accommodation for their next phase as soon as the applications for the relevant academic year are made available online. For any queries, cadets should contact the accommodation office by email:

Is accommodation guaranteed for first year/induction cadets?

Yes, induction cadets are guaranteed accommodation in student residences for their first phase.

Are there restrictions for accommodation if we live locally?

All cadets are eligible to apply for accommodation irrespective of where they live.

What is the cost/availability of private accommodation?

Cadets returning to their studies do have the option of choosing to live in private sector accommodation, either as a lodger, or sharing a house or flat with friends.

To safeguard our students' interests, we have a landlord accreditation scheme for Southampton and the surrounding area. Properties can be viewed on the SASSH website along with the criteria that properties must achieve to qualify for the scheme.

Does my son/daughter need to bring anything with him/her?

Cadets living in the University's residences are required to provide their own bedding, including sheets, pillows, pillowcases, duvet, duvet cover and blankets. The residences are self-catering and cadets will need to bring crockery, including cups, plates, dishes, and so on (suitable for microwave use). All cutlery and cooking utensils, pots and pans must be suitable for use on an electric hob. It is also advisable to bring tea towels, dishcloths and coat hangers.

Security and welfare

Student life provides young people with the opportunity to be independent and stand on their own two feet, but we believe that help should never be far away if they need it. All our student residences have a dedicated management team on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each residence, study-bedroom and kitchen is designed to ensure only residents can gain access.

The residences meet the current fire safety regulations and the government approved codes of practice for management of student accommodation. 

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