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How to apply

Warsash cadets who have received an offer to study are able to submit applications for University accommodation in either the David Moxon or Lucia Foster Welch student residences.

While phase 1 cadets will automatically have a room reserved for them, they are still required to apply for accommodation. The accommodation team will contact you with further information about how you can apply online.

What happens next?

For phase 1 cadets, once we receive your application we will contact you to confirm that a room has been reserved for you. We'll also advise you how to pay the £250 prepayment (unless your company is paying your fees for you). 

For phase 3 and 5 returning cadets, if we have availability to be able to offer you accommodation for your phase in the David Moxon or Lucia Foster Welch student residences, we will contact you. We'll advise you what accommodation we can offer with a request that you confirm whether you still require accommodation in a student residence.

If you choose to accept the offered accommodation, we'll advise you how to make the prepayment of £250 to secure the accommodation offer.

Allocation policy

All applications are dealt with in the time and date order that they are received by the accommodation office. After that, rooms are allocated on the following priority basis:

  • Cadets aged under 18
  • Phase 1 Induction cadets
  • Final phase cadets (Phase 5)
  • Middle phase cadets (Phase 3)

Where cadets are allocated into a twin room (Lucia Foster Welch residence), the parties will be considered by gender, course, sponsoring company and age.

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