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Steam plant simulator

steam-plant-simulatorThe steam plant simulator is a fully functioning distributed control system for the steam plant of an LNG tanker. It allows motor engineers to cross-train, and steam qualified engineers to integrate the use of cargo boil off systems with their previous steam plant experience.

It can be used as stand-alone workstations for training individuals, or as an integrated control room environment for engine room resource management team training. The simulator can accommodate up to four students either working individually on their own vessels or as a team.

The system simulates a marine steam power plant that includes high pressure and low pressure cross compounded steam turbine set driving a single, fixed pitch propeller through a double reduction articulated reduction gear train.

Steam is produced by two water tube boilers providing super heated steam, with each boiler having individual burner management and combustion air control facilities. The system also includes full LNG boil-off burning control.

The ship's electrical system is comprised of two steam turbo alternators at 60HZ, a three phase 440 volts supply and a diesel driven alternator. An emergency diesel alternator complying with SOLAS requirements is also included within the system. The electrical system is fitted with the associated instrumentation and protective equipment, and is represented in the suite of very comprehensive graphics.

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