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Fire ground

Fire fighting training at the fire groundThe fire ground covers an area of approximately 700 square metres and contains two large three-storey training units: a ‘hot’ unit for live fire training and a ‘cold’ unit that serves a multi-role facility.

The fire ground is equipped with a wide range of fire fighting equipment commonly found on board ship - from different types of nozzles to fixed foam monitors - all of which is available to students for practical exercises.

A number of fires, such as wood and liquid fires, and electrical equipment to chip pan fires, can be simulated externally in a number of different scenarios. Often also utilised for extinguisher training, this gives students a feel for real fires and the confidence to know how to react in a real emergency.

The fire pit can also simulate, through LPG, very large oil fires, allowing students to practice the different techniques for protection and extinction in a controlled safe environment, whilst still feeling the effects of the heat and smoke.

Other larger scale equipment includes a leaking gas flange where LPG is ignited; fires under cowlings, where access is limited; and a large flame screen, where kerosene is ignited giving a large liquid fire scenario.

The fire ground is also equipped with a mock-up helicopter where specialist fire training can be undertaken in a number of scenarios.

The ground has its own fire main with a number of hydrants run from a local system, and pump where recycled water is utilised for all fire fighting operations. Any run off water is collected in the ground and cleaned through a series of separators before being returned to the local water course.

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