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Student practising ship handling manoeuvreManned ship models are used for training in the manoeuvring of vessels by means of rudder(s), engine(s), thrusters, tugs and anchors, taking into account the environmental and local conditions. Our delegates are typically senior mariners and the overall aim is to develop their understanding of the behaviour and handling of ships, with an emphasis on slow speed control.

In the scaled world of Timsbury Lake, the random effects of real life are all present and students are taught how a good ship handling plan helps them to recognise and deal safely with situations as they develop. Unexpected wind shifts and gusts, close quarters situations, the effects of shallow water, bank effect, and the demands of complex manoeuvring all combine to provide an unrivalled learning environment that directly reflects real life.

With a two to one ratio between delegates and teaching staff, courses can be conducted to meet specific training requirements, whether it's an introduction to ship handling, pre-promotion assessment or refreshing existing skills. Up to eight delegates can be accommodated on each three or five day course.

We offer a variety of training programmes, which can be further tailored to suit individual delegates' requirements. Specialised customer requirements involving different vessel types or twin screw vessels can also be accommodated.

The main training programmes are:

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