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Challenger is based upon a twin screw cross channel ferry and is used in all aspects of twin screw ship handling. It is fitted with twin independent rudders and a twin bow thruster. The twin screws can be adjusted to represent inward or outward turning propellers. It can be configured to operate with passenger or ro-ro superstructure.

ChallengerTechnical specifications

Scale: 1:15
Deadweight: 27,000 tonnes
Length: 161.40m
Beam: 26m
Draft Forward: 6m
Draft Aft: 6m
Main Engines: 4 x 4,400 kW Diesels
Propellers: 2 x three-bladed, fixed pitch, outward turning
Rudders: 2 x independent
Bow Thrusters: 2 x 900 kW
Anchors: AC 14 high holding power
Cables: 10 shackles each anchor

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