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Endeavour is a 142,000 DWT twin screw shuttle tanker. It is a replica of a class of ship operated by an oil major. It can be configured with inward or outward turning propellers and is used for specialised twin screw ship handling. It can also be converted to a medium sized LNG carrier.

EndeavourTechnical Specifications

Scale: 1:30
Deadweight: 125,000 US Long tons
Length: 272m
Beam: 46m
Draft forward: 16.25m
Draft aft: 16.25m
Main Engines: Motor, 2x 11,060 kW
Propellers: Inward or outward turning, 2 x four-bladed fixed pitch
Rudders: 2 x independent (45)
Bow Thruster: 2206 kW
Anchors: AC 14 high holding power
Cables: 13 shackles each anchor
Controls: Conventional and KaMeWa

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