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Resolution is a 1:25 scale container ship modelled on a real 365m, 13,300 TEU container ship. It is representative of all large modern container ships for the purposes of ship handling training. The model is more than 14m long, displaces 12.5 tonnes, has twin bow and single stern thrusters, operational anchors controlled from the bridge, electro-hydraulic steering and main propulsion systems. Water ballast enables it to operate in light or loaded conditions.

The deck has the ability to configure with full or partial container load and meets IMO regulations for visibility in relative terms. The model's hydraulic steering and engine controls are located in an enclosed bridge structure, approximately one third of the way forward.

The container vessel can have 1:25 scale tugs positioned, replicating real ship manoeuvres. In addition, the vessel is fitted with thrusters fore and aft to represent a tug alongside, pulling or pushing.

resolutionTechnical specifications

Scale: 1:25
Length: 14.62 metres
Beam: 2.1 metres
Draught: 62cm
Propeller: Single screw
Rudder: Full spade rudder
Thrusters: Twin bow and single stern
Anchors: Two operational high holding power anchors
Weight: 12.5 tons

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