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The fleet

The fleet at the ship handling centreThe Timsbury fleet is made up of ten ship models, some of which can be reconfigured to represent several ship types, including a large sixth-generation container vessel, VLCCs, tankers, LNG carriers, bulk carriers, car carriers and a ro-ro ferry.

Four radio controlled tugs are available to support manoeuvring operations, including Voith water tractor, Azimuth stern drive and kort nozzles. A jack up oil rig can also be used for specialist offshore operations.

Each vessel is an accurately scaled model of a real ship and closely replicates the handling characteristics of an actual vessel, including single and twin screw propulsion. On-board logic systems ensure that engine output, delivery and response times, and rudder response times are correctly scaled. This also applies to bow thrusters and the windlass where fitted.

The optimum scale used for most vessels is 1:25 and the models themselves are substantial, each measuring between seven and nine metres long and weighing approximately five tonnes. The electrically powered models are ballasted by a combination of water and solid ballast, which can be configured to provide loaded, part loaded or ballast conditions at different trims.

The models are controlled on board by two people and are driven by nearly silent electric motors, which cause no disturbance to the environment or wildlife. Their maximum speed is three knots, equating to about 15 knots of ‘real’ speed, leaving no wake or wash and consequently no damage to the banks of the lake.

The vessels

New model commissioned July 2016 - Nigeria LNG

1:25 scale liquid natural gas carrier - Nigeria LNG
Modelled on the 175,000m twin-skeg DFDE LNG carriers built in Korea by Samsung Heavy Industries for Bonny Gas Transport Ltd. The model is 11.68m long and weighs 7.8 tonnes.

1:25 scale container vessel - Resolution

1:25 scale Panamax vessel - Intrepid

1:25 scale product tanker - Diligence

1:25 scale Panamax vessel - Progress

1:15 scale ro-ro ferry - Challenger

1:30 scale twin screw shuttle tanker - Endeavour 

1:40 scale Suezmax - Endurance 

1:40 scale VLCC - Pioneer

1:40 scale ULCC - Venture

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