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Do I have to meet the academic requirements?

Do I have to meet the academic requirements?

Yes, this a requirement for you to enrol on an officer cadet training programme. The programmes all have a high content of maths and science so knowledge of these subjects is essential. However, you may have other qualifications or expertise that could be taken into consideration and you would need to highlight this very strongly in your application to sponsoring companies.

If you do not meet the academic requirements you may wish to consider training as a rating, and for this you will need to show the potential to achieve the ratings qualifications.

Another option would be to pursue a career on superyachts. Your best way forward is to get practical experience on yachts and learn on the job. Your first step is to get a position on a yacht after having completed the mandatory training for new entrants. See the Warsash Superyacht Academy website for more information.

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