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Human Element, Leadership and Management (Operational): WMA first and currently only training provider with full MCA approval

"Analysis of shipping disasters in recent years has produced an increasing awareness of the central importance of the human element...everyone involved [in the shipping industry] needs to understand that they, themselves, are the human element. Their continued business success depends on how far they are able to manage their own behaviour along with the behaviour of those around them"
The Human Element: a guide to human behaviour in the shipping industry (2010), The Stationery Office

The human element is increasingly recognised as fundamental to safe and efficient ship operations. Resource management, sometimes referred to as non-technical skills, incorporates social skills such as leadership and team-working; communication; operating effectively in a multicultural environment; planning and co-ordinating skills to optimise work load management and delivery; and cognitive skills such as problem analysis and solution delivery, well-judged risk-aware decision-making, and high-level situational awareness.

Warsash Maritime Academy is the first and currently the only training provider in the UK with full MCA approval for its Human Element, Leadership and Management course at the Operational Level. The aim of this course is to hone these non-technical skills progressively, recognising that such expertise is universally applicable both at sea and on shore, and is part of the life-long learning of any seafarer.

The course addresses STCW requirements, particularly as the 2012 Manila amendments underline resource management principles intrinsic to professional competence, and is essential in delivering commercial success and minimising risk for employers and owners.

This MCA-certificated course offers the same fundamental principles carefully tailored to the context in which they are applied - whether this is for the bridge team, including pilots, the engine room team, the whole ship or shoreside managers - and the experience and seniority of those attending the course.

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