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New M Notice - Changes to IAMI Engineer OOW Written Exams

The new MIN 474 (M) issued by the MCA announces that a new syllabus will come into force from 1 September 2014.  It also reveals a new examination called 'Control Engineering'.

Under the old system candidates had to pass the following exams in order to qualify for an Engineer Officer of the Watch Reg III/1 Certificate of Competency:

  • General Engineering Science (GES) A & B. Minimum 50% pass in each section.
  • Engineering Knowledge (EK) ‘General’. Minimum 50% pass.
  • Engineering Knowledge (EK) ‘Steam’ and/or ‘Motor’. Minimum 50% pass in each section.

Under the new system, in force from 1 September 2014, candidates have to pass the following examinations:

  • General Engineering Science A & B. Minimum 50% pass in each section
  • Engineering Knowledge (broken down into the following sections)

              a) General, consisting of the following subjects:
                     i. Auxiliary Equipment
                     ii.    Electrical
                     iii.    Ship Construction
A 40% pass rate is acceptable for each subject individually; however an average of 50% over all must be met              b) Motor and/or Steam. Minimum of 50% pass in each.
              c) Control Engineering. Minimum of 50% pass.

The new syllabus for all the exams can be found here.

For more information, read the full MIN 474 (M) here.

More information on the programmes leading to unlimited engineering certification can be found here:


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