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A major change to ECDIS requirements from the MCA

A major change to the UK MCA's ECDIS training requirements has now been published.  MIN 503 "Training for ECDIS as Primary Means of Navigation", replaces MIN 442 and keeps the same generic training requirements but alters the Equipment/Type Specific training requirements. 

The relevant section reads:


ECDIS ship specific equipment training for Deck Officers must relate to the make and model of the equipment fitted onboard the ship which they are currently serving. The decision on how to deliver ship specific training is now the responsibility of the ship owner or operator. They must take into account their responsibilities in accordance with ISM code (specifically sections 6.3 and 6.5) and also the STCW convention, Regulation I/14 – 5.

First published 21 April 2015 by Maritime Coastguard Agency








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