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It is a well-known fact that wind and marine energy is a major contributor to reducing the effects of climate change. Recognising this, UK is taking a lead in the development of the marine renewable energy sector, and it is believed that this sector will create a large number of new jobs which can be divided into two categories:

  • Transportation to/from offshore windfarms by vessels or helicopters. For this area, existing seafarers can be employed with some additional training. Further employment can be obtained through routes as explained in the deck and engine sections. Alternately many windfarm vessel operators will employ their own trainees. Please see the renewables industry careers section for more information.
  • Employment on offshore windfarms. A windfarm’s lifecycle involves environmental and seabed surveys, turbine manufacturing, installation, maintenance and operations. All these cycles require various qualifications. Please see the renewables industry careers section for more information.

Listed below are organisations that can offer career advice and recruitment opportunities, as well as renewables companies who may be recruiting for staff.

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Renewable energy companies

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