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Hotel operations

Suitable for cruise ship, ferry and superyacht environments, our on board hotel operations training is ideal as it accurately simulates the elements that staff will be dealing with while providing service to your guests. The training is intended to improve service operations and raise the level of service provided to your guests.

In addition to the courses, we offer training focused on best preparing the vessel and hotel operations personnel for guest use. Our 'shake down' provides the nominated staff with:

  • an objective assessment of the vessel's current guest focus
  • opportunities for improving the levels of service offered to guests
  • opportunities to improve upon back-of-house management in order to improve the service flow
  • recommended next steps for enhanced quality service.

The shake down training exercise is meant to get everyone on the same page, focusing on the service provided towards their guests. Please be aware that unexpected elements are included in this training, to improve sharpness and preparation for the upcoming voyage.

To ensure the experience is most effective, our training team (one or more staff) travels onboard the vessel as 'guests' for the duration of the training. This will assist in creating the 'real life' experience, much needed to add value to the programme.

The duration of the shake down is dependent on vessel size, the number of nominated hotel operations to be trained and the agreed objectives.

In summary, our programme aims to:

  • give hotel operations personnel the vital skills to deliver fine and personalised service to your guests
  • increase job satisfaction as skills and confidence grows
  • increase staff retention.

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